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How a retail loss prevention system works and the security tag components you will need.

An EAS or Electronic Article Surveillance system consists of three key components. The first component is the detection system (1). The detection system (1) is the equipment located at a stores entrance and exit that alarms if a security tag (2) is removed. The detection system can take many forms but is most commonly comprised of two detection antennas on either side of a door. The second components is the security tag (2). The security tag (2) is attached to the item that is to be protected from theft. There are different types of security tags (2) that can be attached to an item by a variety of methods. The two most popular methods of attaching security tags (2) are using a thumbtack like pin connected to a security hard alarm tag or applying a stick-on security label(soft tag) to a smooth flat surface on the item. Soft tags can only be used once while hard tags can be reused and may last for decades. The security tag (2) is neutralized by the third component which can either be a hard tag detacher (3) or a soft tag deactivator (3). A hard tag detacher (3) is the mechanism used to remove the pin from a security hard tag. There are many types of hard tag detachers to correspond with the different types of hard tag. A soft tag deactivator (3) is the machine used to turn off or deactivate a soft tag. In summation, a customer will walk in to a store through a pair of security antennas. They will select a tagged item from the sales floor. The customer will bring this item up to the sales counter where the tag will be neutralized by either being removed in the case of the hard tag or turned off in the case of the soft tag. The customer can now leave the store without setting of the detection system alarm.

Many different anti-shoplifting tag theft prevention systems are displayed perennially at the National Retail Federation loss prevention convention held annually in various places nationwide. This year's national loss prevention NRF show will be held in San Diego again. It is a great place for loss prevention executives to see the various anti theft tags, apparel theft solutions, EAS systems, and clothing store security tags that are available in the market place. Every year there are more and more purveyors of replacement Sensormatic parts and the best low priced security products in the loss prevention related industries. Large retail chains can look to the different hard tag options coming to market this spring. The best security hard tag of the EAS industries competitors will probably remain the Supertag, but you never know. The show will probably reveal some new technology as it has always done in the past.

*The two main categories of deactivator manufacturer are Checkpoint and Sensormatic, these are the two largest manufacturers of EAS in the world. Sensormatic and Checkpoint Systems deactivators and detachers are for the most part not compatible. has the best selection of new and used electronic article surveillance or EAS tags on the Internet. We have security tags and systems manufactured by Sensormatic, Checkpoint, and Knogo. We have the hand detacher to remove security tacks, as well as magnetic and power detachers. All types of super tag removers. We have warrantied sensormatic deactivators, detachers, posts, Antennas, pedestals, labels, security tags, ultramax, super tag, Acousto Magnetic technology and more. We have warrantied checkpoint detacher, soft tag, 8.2 tags, post, label, Quicksilver Dual Antenna, Radio Frequency, deactivator, sticker, pedestal, hard tag, clam tag, mini hard tag, golf tag, used tags, sensor tags and more. All types of security sensortags. We have ink pins and ink tags. Cone head, Flat head, White head, grooved and non grooved pin all in stock. Lanyards are available by phone order.

ALL Sensormatic Security and Checkpoint Security branded equipment is refurbished or used and includes no services or warranty from the manufacturer. offers a 30 day money-back guaranty on all merchandise sold on line. EAS or Electronic Article Surveillance equipment is essential to prevent shoplifting through effective retail security, loss prevention or Store Security programs. Retail store inventory shrinkage can be greatly reduced by employment of the right anti theft methods. Shoplifting can be held in check with detection systems coordinated with deactivation tag systems, using paper labels or stickers as a secondary or primary layer of inventory loss prevention. Bar code stickers are a great way to trick the shoplifter about the identity of the security tag. White security labels can have their own advantages for concealment. Soft security tags are extremely effective retail loss prevention tools.

Anti theft tag detection systems and anti theft tags have a symbiotic relationship. Electronic article surveillance systems and CCTV systems have a synergistic relationship. Employment of EAS tag detection systems and CCTV security systems in a retail store environment is a challenge in that the full potential of the system is not easy to achieve. When you are able to maximize the protection afforded by sensormatic or checkpoint security tags and sensormatic or checkpoint CCTV equipment shoplifting will be greatly reduced. To eliminate shoplifting CCTV and EAS must work together. Check out to learn more about sensormatic EAS and CCTV synergy.

Please Contact for a custom made used retail Sensormatic package with security detection antenna, used Sensormatic Tags and a power detacher. Customized Sensormatic packages and security packs with 100% Sensormatic branded security tags and detection systems retail for double and triple the prices of used systems. UltraGator Sensormatic hard tags from Sensormatic are much more reliable than Ultra gator security tag knock offs. The Checkpoint Mini Hard Tag is our top selling retail security mini tag that works at 8.2, and it comes with the pins. The mini hard tag is not made by sensormatic. Mini Tags use a chrome magnetic remover or super lock detacher. The Ceckpoint Starter Package with antennas manufactured by Checkpoint systems are a loss prevention classic and offer a way to lower retail loss. Checkpoint 8.2 comp clam mini Tags from use super lock detachers only. This is also true for our 8.2 golf tags. Super magnetic lock tags add extra shoplifting prevention help. A regular golf tag remover can not open a super tag lock. tag removers are stocked.

Alarm tags are offered by alarm companies as well as EAS companies. specializes in alarm tags and that is why we are better suited to handle loss prevention tag needs. Specialization is a big part of getting the right alarm, eas, or cctv system. Alarm tags and alarm systems are not the same thing. Sensormatic specializes in alarm tags where as ADT is much better known for their alarm system or central station monitoring end of the business. Both copanies are unrelated to Refurbished systems are warrantied by

Ink tags are included in refurbished Sensormatic packs at the customers request. Detection posts (antenna), Sensormatic sensortags, Deactivators ( deactivation pads), ink pins (security tacks) and ink pin removers are all stocked and ready to pack for shipment. The Supertag from sensormatic is at the top of the retail loss prevention security pyramid. Super Tags are the most difficult security tag to detach without the proper remover. The super hand detacher has a built in security device that will alert a store owner if a potential shoplifter or unauthorized person enters through the retail security gates with the Sensormatic detacher. The supertag hand detacher is designed to brake if a criminal attempts to remove the embedded security devices. We provide made to order store anti theft Bundle packs to help you prevent shoplifting by acquiring Security Tags and Deactivators at discount pricing.

Loss prevention tactics and problems are a varied group. Inventory shrink is one problem with a variety of retail security solutions including security tags. Inventory shrinkage must be countered with anti shoplifting security tags, but that is not enough. Used branded sensormatic tags and used checkpoint tags are now easily obtained at discount pricing. Don't loose more money than you have to as a result of ineffective or outdated loss prevention security tags. Current technology EAS antishoplifting security tags can help. CCTV and EAS synergy is important. Closed circuit television is now manufactured in HD for high definition tv review. Electronic article surveillance sensormatic tags are an invaluable tool to prevent shoplifting. Use security tags and save money. CCTV is an important method of internal theft prevention. Employees can be seen more clearly with business security equipment.

Ultra gator hard tags or sensormatic tags are used with the ultra max detection post systems ( including Digital Doormax and Ultrapost). has a huge stock of security ultra gator Tags ( ultragators ). Ultragators or ultra gators are used with whitehead pins. Supertag pins and ultragator white head pins are not interchangeable. Detchers are specific to the tag. Supertag power detachers and ultragator power detachers are not interchangeable. recommend flat head or security ink pins for use with the mini checkpoint hard tag and an 8.2 System Detector. Mini Security tags or mini sensortags refer to the size of the hard tag. We have large, mini, and midi hard tags. Most paper stickers are not reusable once they have been passed over a deactivating pad. This is true for all paper stickers or security labels featured on For starter Checkpoint packages with receiver and transmitter. Security tag packages are the most economical way to enter the EAS arena. Used Sensorink or sensor ink pin tags can be used with both magnetic clutch backs and gator backers, the tag remover corresponds with the backer. In the sensormatic starter we package the sensormatic ultra post antenna gates with sensormatic ultra max tags, and one or more rapid pad II's depending on the current deal. Security tag and detection systems packages customized by email request. Packages for sensormatic security tags or checkpoint security tags are available in our sale catalog.

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