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We offer retail security EAS products and loss prevention information. Learn about electronic article surveillance at newsletter.

Learn about used EAS or Electronic article surveillance equipment info and tips at our retail security tags BLOG. Loaded with information about used sensormatic and checkpoint tags, CCTV, Socks, Air Conditioners, and myriad other topics. Our loss prevention tag pro's have plenty to say about refurbished retail security equipment.

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Track retail security tag and electornic article surveillance packages at Security towers for a retail store are shipped in specially sized boxes. This is true for both Sensormatic and Checkpoint Systems manufactured retail security tag detection systems. has the best selection of new and used EAS retail security equipment on the Internet. We have security tags and systems manufactured by Sensormatic, Checkpoint, and Knogo. info on Sensormatic and Checkpoint retail security loss prevention systems and Security Tags as well as knogo tag info has been provided by our staff. Custom used sensormatic packages available by phone order.

Used hand detacher tag removers with magnetic and power detacher mechanisms are easily found in the detacher section. reserves the right to sell the tag remover for all retail security detection eas tags including knogo Sensormatic Checkpoint Systems to anti theft security tags loss prevention users only. Do not attempt to purchase any item from for unintended use. The tag remover for hard tag sensor ink or supertag is included. Shoplifters be wary, we will not ship to non retailers. Retail detacher sales for electronic article surveillance tags independent of security tags are welcome. Proper Sensormatic deactivator use is important. Shoplifting related inventory shrinkage super tag surveillance equipment systems and anti theft shoplifting checkpoint security systems are stocked. stocks a huge supply of used Sensormatic hard tags. All our used sensormatic tags are stocked with large tag quantities ready to ship. Used Sensormatic and Checkpoint Systems retail store security equipment specials include a wide variety of security towers for stores to choose from. Sensormatic tags are guaranteed to be in stock or your shipping can be refunded by request.

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