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Retail Security Tags - Tag info tags provide made to order store anti theft retail security. We proudly sell brand new EAS systems manufactured by Ketec. The Ketec systems we sell are 8.2 MHz, and work with 8.2 checkpoint tags. Bundle packages help you prevent shoplifting by acquiring security tags and deactivators at discount pricing. UltraGator Hard Sensormatic Tags are used with the Ultra Max security tag detection post systems. has a huge stock of security ultra gator tags. When it comes to the various Checkpoint compatible tags we recommend flat head or ink pins for use with the Mini checkpoint Hard Tag and an 8.2 System Detector. Mini Security sensortags refer to the size of the hard tag. Paper stickers are not reusable once they have been passed over a deactivating pad or their adhesive has worn off. starter Checkpoint packages with receiver and transmitter are the most economical way to enter the EAS arena. Used sensormatic security tag packages and used checkpoint security tag packages for retail security are available by phone or email request. We constantly updat our supply of fake EAS retail security systems. Call for security tag specials and EAS packages. Or email retail security questions to loss prevention specialists and eas dealers.

CCTV is an important aspect of retail security. EAS and CCTV can be combined to make a more complete elelctronic article surveillance loop. CCTV is the cutting edge of the industry. High resolution CCTV equipment being broadcast in High definition over the internet is the future of retail security. Public view HD Plasma television CCTV displays are common place for a reason. It allows for greater comprehension for the viewer. Sensormatic and Checkpoint Systems both sell their own line of CCTV equipment and EAS Tags.

Used Sensorink pin tags can be used with magnetic clutch and gator backers, the tag remover needed corresponds with the backer. In the starter pack, we package the Sensormatic ultra post antenna gates with ultra max tags, and a rapid pad or more depending on the current deal. Retail security tags and related security tag stats and info from is very informative. Read about inventory shrinkage and other retail loss prevention issues.

Deactivateable Ultramax Sensormatic Labels are used in many of the worlds most successful retail chains including The Home Depot, Walmart, CVS, Macy's, and Best Buy. Deactivator choices should be made based on the specific needs of an individual store not on a retail chain wide basis. For mounting under the counter use a low profile pad pro (14 inch detection bubble). For sheer value use the rapid pad II flush mount (2 inch detection bubble). For all around reliability the counter top Powerpad Pro (8 inch detection bubble). The power pad deactvator is very popular and beeps when it senses an ultra max hard or soft tag.

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