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Welcome to Retail Security Tags Security Tags has sold a QS dual antenna system with used Checkpoint mini sensortags to stores in almost every state in the union. Sensormatic Door max systems available by special order. The Sensormatic doormax can be seen in many of the worlds finest retailers including Payless Shoes. Doormax is a stylish and discrete system that can cover a 6 foot wide doorway and is in high demand. maintains a large supply of sensormatic doormax systems for those customers who must have the system due to the special needs of a shopping mall and those customers who simply want the cutting edge system at used prices. We do not have it in our catalog so we can maintain a stock for those who particularly want the system and request it by phone or email shipping and install are available.

We sell the knogo satellite which was one of the first tags to use a cone pin. We suggest you continue to use a cone pin for all our Knogo tags. Ultramax Labels made by Sensormatic are listed as refurbished because is not the original purchaser from sensormatic, all labels are 100% Warrantied. The Ultra max sticker can be turned off with rapid pad II Deactivators. We have the lowest price in the world on large quantity rapid pad orders.

There are many refurbished Checkpoint dual antenna systems to choose from. The QS2000 can cover a three foot door. The QS4000 can cover a four foot door. The checkpoint strata dual antenna system can cover a six foot wide aisle with 3 feet to spare on the perimeter. Brand new EAS retail security systems are available for three foot and four foot entrnces with the use of hard alarm tags.The Dual Checkpoint Antenna Systems we offer are refurbished and are comprised of the different types of security tag detector system we have in stock. Tags are 8.2 for these retail security systems. Ink pins, ink tags, and variety inks are manufactured by many different companies incluing Sensormatic and Checkpoint Systems EAS manufacturers. We have ink pins and ink tags that work with a Sensormatic tag and ink pins that work with checkpoint tags. Check point SecurityTags deactivation is easily accomplished with a counter point device. Loss Prevention pros say used checkpoint security counterpoint systems or pre-owned Sensormatic anti-theft rapid pad II deactivation equipment are the most cost efficient way to stay ahead of shoplifters. Call for security package deals on all our used tag brands.

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