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Sensormatic UltraGator Hard Tag

Sensormatic UltraGator Hard Tag

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Product Information:

  • Brand: Sensormatic
  • Content: Hard tags with Pins
  • Type: Refurbished
  • Category: Clearance


  • Sensormatic UltraGator is a very secure security tag for clothing.

    The Ultra*Gator retail security tag is a great visible theft deterrent with exceptional detection. Sensormatic UltraGator Tags can even be detected through aluminum foil-lined bags. The spring clamp locking mechanism is makes this tag much more secure than a magnetic locking tag, and all Sensormatic detachers come embedded with security chip that will alarm the detection system if a one passes through.

    The Ultra Gator requires an MK75 hand detacher or MK90 Gator tag power detacher to remove the pin. Compatible with all Sensormatic Acousto-magnetic systems. Not compatible with microwave systems. Includes pin

    Sold in quantities of 1000. Includes the pin.

    All Sensormatic branded merchandise is refurbished. This tag is refurbished.

    Acousto-Magnetic UltraMax Technology 58 KHz

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