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Sensormatic Digital ProMax Single Antenna System

Sensormatic Digital ProMax Single Antenna System

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Product Information:

  • Brand: Sensormatic
  • Content: Antenna
  • Type: Refurbished
  • Category: Detection Systems (SM)


  • Protects a 4ft to 8ft exit. Combining high performance with industrial design the Digital ProMax retail security detection system is perfect for wide exits.

    The Sensormatic Digital ProMax is currently the best antenna on the market and can protect up to 4 feet in both sides of the security gate. To protect an 8 ft exit the antenna must be mounted in the middle of the exit. If you are using Sensormatic labels to protect you merchandise HIGHLY RECOMMENDS using 2 antennas to protect an 8 foot doorway.

    Sensormatic Digital Pro Max security system has both audible and visual shoplifting alarms. This system includes (1) Sensormatic Digital ProMax Antenna, and (1) Digital Control Box.

    The Digital ProMax antenna is compatible with Sensormatic UltraMax (AM) security tags and labels. This anti theft system will not detect MicroGator sensor tags and is not compatible with any Checkpoint (RF) security tags or systems.

    Sensormatic Digital ProMax requires professional installation. All Sensormatic branded merchandise is refurbished. All Sensormatic detection systems require and isolated power line.

    Specs: 62" x 28.5" x 4" (approx. HWD)

    - UltraMax Technology
    - 58KHz
    - 4ft to 8ft doorway
    - 1 Pedestal
    - 1 Power Pak
    - Pedestal Dimensions: 62" x 28" x 4" (approx. HDW)
    - Alarm Type: Audible & Visual
    - Product Codes: ZADPM-1, ZADPM-2, ZADPM-3, ZADPM-4

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