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Sensormatic Digital Promax Department store Package

Sensormatic Digital Promax Department store Package

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Product Information:

  • Brand: Sensormatic
  • Content: Dual Antenna, Pins, Detachers,
  • Type: Refurbished
  • Category: Package Deals (SM)


  • Protects 8 to 14 foot exit!! The Sensormatic Digital Promax dual antenna system is perfect for a department store or mall. This system will protect 8 feet between the antennas, and an additional 3 feet on the outside of both pedestals.

    Included in the department store package is:

    - (1) dual antenna Sensormatic Digital Promax EAS detection system including power supply,
    - (1000) SuperTag sensors with the pin,
    - (1) AMD3050 Sensormatic SuperTag power detacher, and
    - (1) MK125 Super Tag hand detacher.

    The Sensormatic SuperTag is the most secure EAS sensor on the market. The locking mechanism on the SuperTag is extremely hard for shoplifters to defeat; and ALL sensormatic tag detachers have a embedded security tag that will sound the detection system is a shoplifter tries to smuggle a detacher into or out of the store.

    This EAS detection system requires professional installation. Our trained technicians install and service accounts nationwide. Sensormatic systems require an isolated circuit.

    Security Tag Store is discount supplier of Sensormatic systems, tags, and accessories. We are not in any way affiliated with Sensormatic and all Sensormatic branded merchandise is used or refurbished.

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