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Checkpoint Large Clam Tag - Super Lock

Checkpoint Large Clam Tag - Super Lock

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Product Information:

  • Brand: Checkpoint
  • Content: Large Clam Tag
  • Type: New
  • Category: Security Tags (CP)


  • Protect: shirts, pants, jackets, and other apparel. The Mini Clam Tag has the added security of enclosing some of the clothing inside the pin, similar to the cone pin. By locking some of the cloth in the tag a shoplifter is forced to cut the entire tag out, leaving a hole in whatever they had tried to steal.

    Compatible with Checkpoint and other 8.2 MHz Radio Frequency security systems.

    Super Lock magnetic detacher is the only way to remove the large clam tag.

    Sold in quantities of 1000.

    - 8.2MHz RF

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